Our History

CITY College ACM-W, Muses was founded on July 2012 and was officially established on 13th of September 2012 and is the first Women Student Chapter not only in Greece, but in the whole European Union as well. It was founded by first level students (women) with the help of their professor Dr. Eleftherakis wishing to increase the number of women interested in building a career in Computer Science. The chapter was founded from ten(10) members, coming from six(6) different countries and working together to develope extremely fast a sense of community.

Our Mission

  • Support and encourage people to come in the computing field (with focus on women, but not only)
  • Attract people from South-East Europe to be part of this community
  • Engage students in exciting computing activities
  • Mentor programs for Chapter members and pre-college girls/boys
  • Broadening the computing community
  • Connecting students with women leaders in the field


Members and Muses alumni

  • Maria Gaci
  • Alexandra Cristina Patrascu
  • Rita Dobruna
  • Shkurta Gashi
  • Adriana Kamanarova
  • Yllza Kelmendi
  • Aristea Ladas
  • Maria Melikidou
  • Theodouli Terzidou
  • Genc Agushi
  • Erza Ajvazi
  • Rina Gosalci
  • Eleni Nikoloudi
  • Mia Radjenovic
  • Vigan Sokoli
  • Shend Vishi
  • Arvesa Studenica
  • Adrian Solomon