Peer Tutoring

Our members serve as tutors for their peers in specific classes. Tutors organize tutoring meetings with their peers upon request. In each of these groups we strive to create the ideal balance of men-to-women. With these activities both the tutor and the student can learn and benefit from each other. The tutors will be able to brush up on her skills from the lower-level classes and practice interpersonal, communication and teaching skills, while the students can learn many helpful tips from the tutor.

Java Cafe

Java Cafe is an event that takes place every Wednesday 16:00-18:00, in the school's environments. It gives to the students the opportunity to meet each-other, discuss and collaborate in order to solve different problems that they encounter during their studies in City College. The purpose of this activity is to create a more friendly environment in the school by gathering students in an extracurricular activity. Together with our faculty sponsor Dr. Eleftherakis we discuss different issues or ideas in a more relaxed way. Sometimes students are not expressing their ideas or are not telling the problems they encount during the lectures because of their shy personality, so we try to get closer with them and make them express themselves unreservedly.

Students' Spring Symposium

The International Students' Spring Symposium has so far been organised (with great success and impressive participation) by students and student societies originating from all the departments at CITY College, Thessaloniki under the supervision of members of the academic staff acting as a steering and scientific committee. Over the two days of the symposium an average of 110 students from many different institutions participate from various different countries (e.g. Greece, F.Y.R.O. Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, UK and USA as well as others) and an average of 14 high quality presentations given by students take place, along with a number of invited talks and a round table discussion.

Help me to help you

"Help me to help you" is a new activity organized by ACM-W Muses aiming to create and maintain a network between recent students and alumni of ACM. After the graduation some of the members of the Chapter started working in different enterprises, where they were assigned different projects. One of them contacted us, since he needed some help for testing a new website he was building. So we thought that recent students of Muses could give a contribution and support this alumnus. This activity is of benefit for every student who participates: alumni get help with their projects, while recent students learn, gain valuable skills and become young entrepreneurs.

Muses Channel

The latest activity that was organized by our group is the interviews with women who have a successful career in computing field. The aim of this activity is to inspire and encourage woman to join science, technology and engineering related fields, since there is still a small percentage of women involved. Our idea is to interview female role models with influence in these fields, so they can transmit the important message to join and become successful like them. It is important for women to see role-models in senior positions, create their own hero and take the initiative to follow them in order to become the next Rising Star. We hope women will be highly influenced by watching these interview videos in our Muses' Channel on YouTube.