When are elections held for ACM-W Muses ?

Elections for the ACM-W Muses board members are held every year. Usually they take place the 3rd Friday of October.

Why join ACM-W Student Chapter ?

By joining us you will belong not only to an international Student Chapter, but also to a community trying to support and encourage women in the computing field.

Why join ACM Student Chapter ?

  • Have access to valuable career resources
  • Have access to ACM Digital Library
  • Be involved in projects that will improve your academic skills and prepare for your career
  • Belong to a community

How can I join ACM-W Muses ?

You are welcome to join us for free by contacting us through e-mail. We will be glad to respond as soon as possible.

How can I join ACM Students Chapter ?

Very simple - just complete the online application form .

What is the price in order to join ACM Student Chapter ?

Only $19.00 (USD) per year for an undergraduate student membership.